Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Kissed-By-Nature Balm

Meagan gets very bad rashes. She has since she was a baby. She still needs to wear a pull-up to bed at night because she has an immature bladder and is a super deep sleeper. So, she ends up with rashes still and they are stubborn to get rid of. I have used all the creams and balms; but they don't help that much.

In April I went camping with my friends and Melanie introduced me to her balm, Kissed-By-Nature. It is fantastic. It has been the only thing that has cured Meg's rashes. They are gone for the first time. Melanie's shop offers lots of natural baby, health and beauty products that she makes herself and they are unquestionably fantastic! Please swing by her shop and check her out--she and her products rock.


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