Friday, June 29, 2007

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Pitch Policy

You've clicked here because you want to pitch me something, and I'm more then happy to listen. However, just to save us both time, please keep to the following guidelines:-send me a brief, original e-mail, not just a press release. My e-mail address is jenaferlm[at] Include links to what you are promoting, because I like to check out the items before I reply. At the moment, I can reply to all e-mails so you'll know how I feel either way.

If you wish to advertise on my blog, please email me for prices and policies.

I am not interested in providing free content or syndicating my blog to other websites. However, interviews or contributing as a guest blogger might be something I'd be interested in. Email me. Definitely e-mail me if you'd like to hire me for a job.

I will not recommend products/services that I haven't personally tried, because I want to stand behind what I write. On that note, it's a good idea to send me a sample, to keep. The review will include: a stand alone post with photos and links back to your website. I like to give a fair review; what I like, and what I think could be better. The review will also go up on my profile page at I will also disclose that I am blogging about a sample product that was sent to me, or that I received compensation to blog about a product. If I really don't like the product, I will e-mail you before I post.

Occasionally, I host giveaways and can always use sponsors. I will accept sponsors whose products I have personally tried and enjoyed. These sponsors can be from the USA or Canada. I am most excited about the following categories (don't worry if you're not on this's a work in progress):

Anything of organic and natural nature
Travel (family friendly)
Gadgets (love gadgets!)
Health and Beauty
Healthy Eating/Cooking/Baking
Home and Garden
Family friendly Destinations, restaurants, hotels, museums
Books! Especially cookbooks or children's books
Tools/ Do-it Yourself
Arts and Cultural Events

Thanks to Notes From the Cookie Jar for a great model of a pitch policy!

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Contact Me

To contact me for any reason (pitch, offers, or general questions or comments)
please email me at

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