Monday, October 4, 2010

Do You "Boo"? A Halloween Tradition

We do!

Booing is a fun and super easy way to spread early Halloween cheer around your neighborhood. Its a lso a great lesson in doubling that can be translated into many ideas such as how germs spread. (Not a pleasant thought I know...)

What is Boo-ing?

You "boo" a neighbor by leaving them a bag filled with candy and treats annonymously on their doorstep. When the open the bag they receive a poem which explains that they have been "boo-ed" and that they now need to "boo" 2 other neighbors. As people in your neighborhood get Boo-ed, they hang an included sign on their door to let people know they have been Boo-ed . Slowly your neighborhood will light up with these signs on everyone's door as it exponentially spreads each day.

So what do you do?
  1. Fill a small bag with candy and seasonal treats.
  2. Attach 2 empty bags and two copies of a Boo-ing Poem so the recipient knows what to do.
  3. At an unsuspecting time, leave your Boo package at the doorstep of a neighbor.
  4. Wait and watch it spread.
You can make your own Boo-ing poem or use the Hershey's one available HERE or the handmade version available from available HERE and a printable poem HERE.

My kids and I always enjoy being the starting family--doing our first Boo-ing on October 1st. Each day we count the number of houses it spreads to--it's both exciting and easy fun.
Have fun and go out and Boo someone today!

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