Thursday, November 11, 2010

Removing Amazon From Advertising on This Site

Occasionally we bloggers partner up with big business to advertise. Its usually win-win. The blogger gets a bit of cash through readers clicking on ads and the advertiser gets face time with our readers.

I allowed to advertise on this website. As of this morning I have removed all of their publishing rights and cancelled my accounts.

As the web rages with the recent Amazon Fail, I want to let my readers know that Amazon ads and promotions will no longer appear on this blog. Period.

I actually forgot that Amazon had ads on here.

If you are one of the many boycotters and have a blog with advertising - please be sure to do the same.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Independence? Maturity? Or Is It Something Else?

It started maybe a week or so ago.

My little girl was growing up. As she went to bed each night, she would tell me that I didn't have to check on her. I listened and gave her the space she wanted to that would prove to me she was growing up. Night after night, she would go off to bed and I would not see her chipper little face until morning. I was proud of her. I had no idea what spurred the sudden quest for her independence but was a proud mama bear nonetheless.

Yesterday while doing laundry I made mention that I needed to change the sheets in her room. She sprung to her feet from her TV induced coma and offered to do it herself. She insisted she knew how to change sheets and her words were, " I can do it mama, you don't feel well. I want to make it easy on you."

Wow. How did I manage to raise such a responsible and thoughtful little girl. She was suddenly independent and matue. My little girl was growing up. I felt the tears coming on.

As I thought about this over my coffee this morning, I gushed with pride and just had to go sneak in to look at my now 'big girl' who was surely slumbering away proudly.

Yeah, not-so-much.

Apparently her room was victim of some great natural disaster that even FEMA could do nothing for. A natural disaster so strong, it snapped off one of the posts on her four post bed.

She figured that if I saw what used to be called her bedroom, I would make her clean it. So the best way to avoid cleaning it is to avoid me seeing it.

Guess what she is doing today?

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