Friday, July 31, 2009

Living La Vida Loca in the RV

So if you flunked Spanish that's the "crazy life" in the rv.
We rented the vacation home on wheels and it far exceeded our expectations. If the thought has ever crossed your mind to rent it. If you have ever considered buying it! [and while your on your shopping spree could you buy us one too?]

Here is our driver I mean Pete..comfy cozy in his captains chair. [Cant you just hear Holiday Road from National Lampoon's Vacation playing in the background?]

Ah, the kids. Look how f--a--r apart they are. Notice there is no fighting or arguing. Let me sit back in my recliner and enjoy a lemonade while we drive......
Michael proclaimed this upper bed area [complete with flat screen tv, and curtains to close off the area] "Boys Club"--no sisters allowed. He did this as the rental agent was still showing us around the rv. If the kid coulda' planted a flag up there -- he would have.

You haven't lived until you have enjoyed a pancake breakfast with the wind whipping through your hair while doing 70 miles per hour I mean 65 whatever the proper speed limit is in the state you are driving in.

The best though, is to decide only an hour after waking up that you really just must have a nap and curl up on a cozy warm bed in the sunshine.
This is how I'd like to travel from now on--napping my way to Target and the grocery store. Now if I can just teach the kids to drive.....


School for Us on September 9, 2009 at 1:52 PM said...

What a wonderful way to travel! We enjoy traveling and have just started about taking a month-long vacation in the spring. We're talking about renting an RV, which we've never done. It looks like fun!

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