Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend RoundUp: Summer in April

What is up with the Syracuse weather?? Wow.

We started the weekend with Meg's softball which we had to leave early after 1 hour. The heat was so intense on the field and we were soo not used to warmth that Meg felt sick. Amazingly, Syracuse was sporting 80 plus degree weather at 10:00am- this after snow flurries just a few days ago.

We came home to a favorite activity-- a big BBQ of neighbors at our house. We do this very frequently and it was so much fun. We had about 30 people, Pete at the helm, BBQing and cooking his specialty: clams and mussles. The kids were roasting so we let them swim in the hot tub which got turned down to about 93 degrees. Our good time raged on from 3 until 1am. The Dads were hootin' and hollaring while playing dice in garage after the winds blew in long after the kids had gone to bed.
Today, we spent our day at Bass Lake Resort, checking out a camping membership and we are very excited. It is about 30 miles from our house and has everything a campground should have: pools, boat rentals, a bass stocked lake, tons of activities, mini-golf, and on and on. Better yet, they have RVs you can rent and even places for you to park one seasonally. We hope to get one next year so this will be its home. Until then, that new Coleman tent I got is going to get a workout!


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