Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Sunday Post to Honor (or make fun of) You, Our Readers

One of Michael's favorite things to do is to log on to SiteMeter and see who's been reading our blog. Its fun because they provide a world map and dot the places your readers live in. He loves to hear the various countries and states all over that have found our humble little blog. Its fun , and a little creepy too. Because--wow--there are alot of you out there reading about us. I mean hey- I knew we were interesting ... but not that interesting!

Another fun little feature of SiteMeter shows me how you found us. Did you link in from Twitter, Facebook, my homeschooling group? Did another blog send you my way? Or did a Google Search light the path to our blog. The Google searches usually end up being the most "unique" visitors out there. Here are the top 5 Google search terms that people actually typed in and tried finding a website on: "Free Monkeys", "Monkeys in a Cage", "Voyuerism and Monkeys" (what??), and "Freezing Bread Dough".

I am thankful that my little searcher looking for information on freezing bread dough found me and the information she was looking for. Its the others that I find a bit concerning-- especially the interesting little bird looking for "Monkey Voyuerism"...isnt that available --at a zoo??

So anyway, thanks for reading. The kids and I enjoy the fact that you tune in to see what we are up to. We'll keep the blogs coming and I'm sure that we'll see more interesting Google Searches that lead the weirdos--I mean readers, right here.


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