Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our New Home Away from Home-Set Up in Our Home

Seriously--it didnt look this big in the store. After looking at a ton of tents in super-sized super stores, they all start to look of average size until you bring it home and set it up in your family room.
This darling little tent is the Coleman Max Cabin tent and measures 10x14 and it 7.5 tall. Believe it or not--I was able to set up this beast by myself and the "help" of a six year old and a four and a half year old. But yes, I broke a sweat and will count it as my cardio for today.
The tent buying process was way too long and way too hard. I wanted something spacious (obviously) but I was really hooked on the superior weather features that seemed to go only with Coleman. I read every review known to man and think I made the right choice. I will just to be on the safe side, buy an additional tarp for the top to "help" the rainfly if needed. However if weather is that bad, we'd sleep in the back of the minivan on the air mattress which is where we camped before owning a tent.
We plan on doing about 10 trips this year in this tent (not counting our first camping experience in it tonight in the family room). Lets see how tonight goes....


Anonymous said...


How did the tent work out? Do you have any more pictures?

I'm researching family tents and my head is spinning.

Best wishes,


Jen at Cage Free Monkeys on May 27, 2009 at 3:26 PM said...

Tent works great. We have used it and the setting up process has gotten easier. It holds up to fairly strong breeze (not tested in high wind yet). Seems to be great!

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