Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Newest Addiction: The Library

There was a time when my kids thought the “library” was Barnes and Noble. You go, pick out a book, mom swipes that handy plastic card and –viola!--You have a new book. When they were younger I didn’t want to ever take them to the real library because I didn’t really think they could handle it. I mean think about it from a toddlers point-of-view. "Here Honey, Have a new book—do you love the book—isn’t the book great—what a super book—ok lets go give the book back!" Too much emotional drama for me, so I waited.

I’m glad I did. They now understand the idea of lending, borrowing and sharing. They have the necessary responsibility to care for and not lose something we are only borrowing. They understand it too as a way of economizing.

Michael is hooked on Judy Blume (as I was) and we just blew through the Pain and the Great One series. We are now venturing into the Cam Jansen Mysteries. Meg on the other hand enjoyed the Pain and the Great One but is a sucker for a good-old-fashioned SpongeBob book. Me? I'll take a good gardening book anytime.

Each time we go, they are in charge of checking out their own books which is all done through a great computerized self-check out at our library system. We are currently going weekly, or as soon as Mom can read the books at bedtime. Michael is usually begging for me to read 5 chapters a night which goes against my whole chapter-a-night offering. But I cave in, it is after all learning to love reading.


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