Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To CSA or Not to CSA....That is the Question

It’s a big question too. For those not in *the know* , CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join a CSA, typically you pay a set block of money for a season to a farmer. Then each week, you are provided with a large bountiful bag or basket of varied produce and herbs all hand selected by the farmer. You in turn get very fresh produce, eliminate the middle man and all the mark ups, and actually build a relationship with the person who is growing your food.

CSAs can vary greatly and some include eggs or dairy too. The downside, if there is one in the CSA program, is that you get a variety of produce whether you like all varieties or not. This leads me to my dilemma: Do I join a CSA or not? This question has taunted me for two years.
We don’t have the most varied tastes over here and while I want desperately to join a CSA I fear wasting good food. I wonder then how much additional will I pay at the farmers market to supplement my CSA membership with extra amounts of the things we like. So should I join a CSA or do I just commit to weekly adventures at the Farmers Market (which I do love anyway).

Here are some of the CSA programs I am looking at.
Common Thread Community Farm
Wyllie Fox Farm

Stones Throw Farm


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