Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is Getting Closer to Making a Permanent Appearance in Syracuse

(Sung in my best "It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas" voice...)

Its beginning to look a lot like springtime...
Everywhere you go,
Take a look at Home Depot, a shovel and a hoe
Lawnmovers and tillers on the go..

Its beginning to look a lot like springtime,
Seeds in every store,
But the prettiest sight you'll see is the bulbs that will be
Spoutin' by your own front door.

(ok, maybe I inhaled some of that fertilizer I was spreading today...?)
Well, while I worked my tail off outside today pulling dead wood from the woods again, fertilizing the lawn, and prepping the vegetable garden, two monkeys had an impromptu picnic on the front lawn (before the fertilizer thank you) sponsored by McDonalds (chicken nuggetts and apple dippers and milk).


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