Monday, May 4, 2009

Ways I Know I am Finally Getting Over Being Sick

1. I can yell at my children without running out of breath midway ,flopping down on my pillow and passing out.
2. My children no longer need to rely on neighbors or delivery people to provide them with food.
3. Jumping off my bed into a pile of pillows and screaming is no longer a sanctioned activity.
4. SpongeBob is no longer blaring on three tvs on three different levels of my house while no-one watches him—except for me.
5. I can now again win an argument against a 6 year old without asking for pity.
6. I have showered and successfully removed all of the shampoo from my hair this time.
7. My clothes match and they are not pajamas.
8. My children have finally changed their clothes (how many days have you been wearing that outfit??)
9. My children have been reacquainted with time-out.
10. The kids no longer feel “bad” for Mommy and any kindness extended is long gone.


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