Wednesday, May 6, 2009


While we don’t follow a traditional Waldorf method I do love to adopt parts of their handwork ideas. I love the idea of handwork aesthetically speaking as well as in the practical sense of strengthening hand muscles and improving fine motor skills.

Today we worked on soap carving using some freshly made cold process goat’s milk soap (freshly made within the past week so it was still some-what soft for little hands to carve). We listened to some smooth jazz on the radio for inspiration. It was a lesson on patience, concentration, creativity, and the subtractive method of sculpting. Periodically Michael would exclaim to look at how awesome his was. He was so motivated and into the idea of sculpting. He sat there without much discussion as he meticulously carved .
At one point when I asked him what he was carving he told me “I’m just letting go of my ideas and being creative.”

Wow. Why can’t we all do that?


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