Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sometimes Things Grow Best Without All The Work

I didn't purposefully plant sunflowers this year. I ran out of time and soon it was too late to start the seedlings indoors. So I gave in to the idea that this year I would not have sunflowers outside of my kitchen window and would have to plan better for next year.

Much to my surprise I had a couple crop up in the area of where they were planted last year. A few stray seeds must have found their way into the ground when I dead-headed and removed them to the compost pile.

The unexpected was that a good thirty feet away from where my sunflowers grew- this one appeared. Not only did it appear, but it morphed into a massive sunflower monster. All with no work, no tilling, no soil preparation, no purposeful watering and no help.

We've estimated its tops around 12-13 feet and you can be sure I'll be harvesting its seeds for planting next year.

Just goes to show that sometimes the greatest things need no planning or work at all to be wonderful.


Anonymous said...

the pics lok like they are right out of the story Jack and the Beanstalk!!! M

Boy Crazy on August 20, 2009 at 11:38 PM said...

Jenafer, this is great. We have a pumpkin that sprung up out of nowhere! The vine has ventured off from the garden area and is taking over our yard. The pumpkin is huge and has already turned orange, and it is CRAZY because we.did.not.plant.a.pumpkin!!!!

You are right -- these sunflowers and pumpkins of ours are metaphors for life. Especially life with children. :)

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