Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrating the Erie Canal

We took part in Tow Path Day along the Camillus section of the Erie Canal. A chance to celebrate and explore the history of the canal. The "tow paths" were where the mules would pull the boats down the canals.
We enjoyed music during lunch.

Lunch which featured salt potatoes-- a Syracuse summer meal standard.

Painted rocks.
Built bird houses.

Met baby goats-- fell in LOVE with them actually.

Met a very fancy and dressed up pig-- who owns several hats and a tiara.

Went down the canal on a replica boat.

Learned to spin wool into yarn.

It was a fantastic day and as homeschoolers, it was part of our ongoing study of the Erie Canal and Early American history. Yes, this took place on a Saturday--in the summer, and the kids learned quite a bit. We dont limit learning to specific days or months, and they are engaged in the learning as it arises.


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