Thursday, August 6, 2009


Perspective is always a good thing to think of. Lately, I have been almost overly positive, if thats possible. I haven't seen the negative or ugly even when it is apparent to everyone else. Instead, I have been fixated on the positive and the beauty. Maybe its beacuse I have been carrying my camera around a lot lately that it has forced me to examine things in a new light. Maybe its because of Emily and her Tuesdays.

Instead of seeing the disease that has been destroying my Black Eyed Susans' leaves, I notice how they stand tall in the sunlight and almost glow.

I don't see the overgrown weeds in my garden, I see the beauty hidden within.

I see how the Blue Spruce needles glisten in the sun.

I look past the damage done by the Japanese Beetles and see the sun shimmer through the leaves of the White Birch tree.

I see the Lavender flowers at sunset as their perfume fills the air and think it doesnt get better than this.

I could dwell on the negative, there is plenty of it out there. I could ignore the beautiful images above and focus soley on the disease, the damage, and the mess. But where would that leave me? And what would I have to offer?

I find that even when I do find myself in a bad mood, surrounded by what I don't want to see; if I grab my camera-- it refocuses my eye. It brings me back to the positivity and recharges me almost instantly.

I challenge you too to look for that hidden beauty even when it is so much easier to see all that is not. Find it and enjoy it, even if only for a moment.


Boy Crazy on August 6, 2009 at 10:27 AM said...

beautiful photos.

I love your perspective. It reminds me of a story too long to write here, but it boils down to seeing the brown bananas as ripe, not rotton. ;)

emily on August 6, 2009 at 9:27 PM said...

well. This post has made me cry. No big surprise there, really! That first photo captures so perfectly what you are saying - those sick black-eyed susans ARE glowing! thank you.

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