Monday, September 14, 2009

Homeschooling Co-op

In March, with three other parents, I started a not-for-profit homeschooling group with hopes of it blooming into a wonderful community-eventually. I figured the first year or so would have maybe up to 10 families and we may grow from there.

I. Was. Wrong. and that doesn't happen all that often *snarky laugh*

Six months into our group we have 35 member families and I receive 3-4 emails a week now of people looking for a homeschooling community and inquiring about joining us.

It is fantastic. It is so diversified and there are so many things that my kids get to explore.

Right now Meg and Michael are taking a Science Exploration class which has been all about owl pellet dissection and skeleton reconstruction.

Next week its polymers.

Michael also takes Origami while Meg takes Yoga.

The next session- they are so conflicted over which classes to take as there are so many to choose from! It has really opened up a world of opportunities that didn't and couldn't exist just inside my home.


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