Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Homeschoolers DONT Do It

We Don't go back to school. So on this the first day of school for all the others in our community, we party like animals in the nearby park.

Today was our annual Not Back To School party.

We had scavenger hunts, rubber duckie races, and pillow case hops. There was fun for all (and scuffed knees, some bloody noses, bashed toes...)

The BEST part was when Michael was outraged that we had to start the rubber duckie races over because, well for lack of a better term-- he cheated. Badly. All the other kids drop their ducks into the water on go and he throws his duck through the air down the creek and claims it was--flying.

Nice try kiddo.

(Notice his blue duck high up in the air! And to his defense-- you'l notice two other "creative problem solvers" with flying ducks!!)


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