Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vacation for the Weary

Ok, Yes I am a stay at home mom. However even we who stay home and eat bon-bons all day (read: snarky sarcasm) need a break from it all. My break is coming.

On Sunday I will be going on vacation kinda by myself, kinda with my hubby (he's going for work) to Las Vegas. Yes I will be in Sin City doing anything but sinning.

My Vegas super cool plans include: sleeping wihtout waking to small feet in my face, eating a warm meal that did not require reheating, peeing wihtout having a conversation through a closed bathroom door, showering without mitigating an argument with shampoo in my eyes, eating anything but kid-fare for dinner, havving breakfast in bed, alone time, reading a book written for the over 7 crowd, listening to music that does not tell you to clap along, watching tv with real people as characters not animated ones, and not quoting SpongeBob.

Truthfully I will miss my monkeys for the 6 days we are apart. But I know when I return I will also bring back my patience (which has been missing in this messy house lately) and a renewed sense of humor. we seem to run at full thottle here and I find myself in need of just a bit of R and R.

In addition to my super un-busy schedule while on the strip--I most likely will not blog for a week until I return unless something really cool happens--hey its Vegas--I can blog about it--it doesnt HAVE to stay in Vegas--right??

If I have time (read: am bored) I will post one or two posts. See ya in a week@!!


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