Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Reality in More Ways Than One

I had a great time--of course. I rested, relaxed and lived for myself for three days. Everything I did focussed around me and i loved it and I love that I got to go. The most beautiful sight I saw was that of my room window overlooking the strip and the mountains from the 23rd floor at the Wynn. The colors of the mountains were magnificient. But no more bragging...I need to vent on Vegas--

If the mayor of Vegas is looking for a nickname or travel slogan how about "Vegas-the most dumb-ass place you can bring your kids". Thats my suggestion. Look I knew what to expect from vegas--and Im no prude but I was overwhelmed with the nature of it all. A rented truck billbaord drove up and down the strip with naked girls with meere letters and numbers covereing only the most 'indescent" parts titled: hot girls delivered to your room, as if it were Little Casers bringing over a peperoni pie.

I walked the strip on two days to 'see it all' and I did...believe me. The sanitation workers used shovels to pick up the three inch deep drift of cards of naked women each promising to be into this and that and just a phone call away. Lillte kids walked hand in hand with thier parents through the muck of cards while the parents took in the sights.

I wont even get into the depravity of the gambling and the stories I overheard by the pool or at lunch about so-and-so- loosing 7,000 dollars last night and now he has to call his wife and tell her.

The most disturbing though--on a deep level for some reason, was waiting for the cab this morning at --3:00am outside the hotel. I watched one man shuttle two TRASHED girls towards his car fro the casino. I dont thin khe even knew their names he kept saying "Comon girls...comon girls this way" like they were puppies. One girl could barely stand and the others dress was already half unzipped off her body. Next a cab showed up with two girls on a job--meeting someone who had summoned them from some ad, they couldnt have been more than 20, skinny like unhealthy skinny-- but very cute, dressed in not much and giggling to each other about being so tired from the third job of the night together. Something about it was so disturbing to actually see this up close. I mean Good God how do you get to that place and how do you get out? I thought of them all morning.

If you get nothing else from this overtired and jetlagged mom today, Please do not bring your kids to Vegas. It is not a family place and you can not seclude them from "Vegas".

I told my husband on the way home, Im greatful I got to see it--but I have no desire to go back.


Staci on March 27, 2009 at 12:51 AM said...

The new slogan sounds fitting-that's just crazy!

Cindi @ Mama Mentor on March 29, 2009 at 1:19 AM said...

Visiting from the UBP & enjoyed reading your blog!

My buffet table is set ~ stop by & stay awhile!

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