Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crawling Out of Hibernation

So yesterday was truly one of the first really nice days here in Syracuse in a long while. It was mid sixties with bright shining sun. I bought a few rose bushes and planted them in for what I hope is the start of a great cutting garden. The sight of dirt still stuck under my fingernails is so nice.
As my neighbors all began to crawl out of their dens during the day, they joined us for an impromtu barbeque in our driveway--hot dogs, hamburgers, beer: all delicatly served from the hood of my husbands car since the patio furniture hasnt yet ended its hibernation. Martha Stewart would have been proud, a dinner party buffet for 12 plastered on the hood of a Saturn...makes you envious you werent invited I know.
So my neighbors all collected and chatted up the past 5 months' happenings including the introduction of two baby girls born during the bleak winter--this their first day outside.
The air smelled of a freshly lit grill and sounds of laughter filled the air. A great day all around. Anxious for more spring days on the horizon.


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