Friday, March 6, 2009

Budgeting, Grocery Shopping, and Menu Planning

So I have read a lot about menu planning and other frugalities when grocery shopping but just never got into it. The result has been fast food some days and far from what I want it to be. Now nutritionally, at least I can say our ‘poor” choices are still good ones (Like Chicken Nuggets, apple dippers –no caramel- and white milk at McDonalds: and NEVER more than 1 time per week). But with the convenience you pony up --the cashiness—yup the money. I am still struggling to stay on my budget but sometimes I could have done such a better job. So I think that menu planning and grocery budgeting here on my blog may be the way to go, at least experimentally speaking. Then if I feel bound to my goal because of the audience of you, then perhaps I can get this under better control.
Why budget? Well I could lie and quote the current state of the economy or tell you I am devoting my savings to charity. But that would be a lie my friend. Currently, I’m trying to save up money for something really *important*. We (meaning me and hubby no kids) will be going to Las Vegas (him for conference me for some well deserved R & R) in 2 weeks and from my research it appears that the spas out there are quite pricey—even for me who has never said “no” to a good day at the spa. So, we will not be spending money on groceries this week so that I can get the Shiatsu Massage and the Rain Stone Ritual. Its important to prioritize and apparently my children’s nutrition falls below a stranger rubbing me down in Sin City (I blame it on Obama, he told me to stimulate the economy--Im saving the jobs of masseusses in Vegas).
Ok, I’ll buy *some* groceries.

I am going shopping today at my favorite grocery store P&C. I will be good and use my coupons and buy sale items.
On Saturday and Sunday we will be at a spring garden show and then and RV Camping Show so I am sure we’ll be eating around. However the standard oatmeal for breakfast and PB&J sandwiches will be available for anyone interested. Dinners may be BBQ (weather might be nice enough finally) or something casual—we eat much more casually on weekends since we are always “doing something”. The rest of the week I will follow a more planned menu for each day ( I won’t bore you with the actual menu plan).
I would like to keep shopping BELOW $100—for me this is a stretch. I KNOW it can be done but somehow I walk out of my grocery store having sunk anywhere between 180 and 240 despite coupons and good intentions. I am thinking about 30 on produce and dairy,20 on household supplies like paper towels etc, and 15 frozen, and 15 general grocery. Even as I am writing it I am cringing at what I *can’t* get.
So with list in hand, coupons in pocket and massage on my mind I am off to shop.


||| laura frantz ||| on March 6, 2009 at 11:43 AM said... *could* blog about your menu but that would just make me hungry and then I'd be forced to waddle into my kitchen to snack.

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