Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rainy Days

This is one of my favorite kinds of days. It's the hard steady rain that never seems to let up a bit. Its the rain that comes down so hard that it wakes me from my sleep only to send me back into a deeper sleep. I slept near an open window last night to enjoy the full rainy effect and woke to being lightly misted with water through the window--ok, maybe that was a bit too much of the rain since it was 4:30 in the morning and I should be sleeping.

Regardless, the rain seems to have lulled the kids into a deeper sleep than usual and they joyfully slept until 8:30--giving me an entire blissful hour to enjoy warm coffee and reading my email without two people having a turf war on my lap.It's amazing how when you arent listening to yelling how soothing the quite hum of the computer can be against the backdrop of the rain.

The quiet ended as the kids woke up and seemed to have resurrected the same argument they were having last night with out missing a beat. To make the morning even more challenging, we lost power due to the rain (which at this point is growing less poetic). No sooner did we loose power and Michael suddenly had a renewed interest in eating his oatmeal which was now cold and needed to be reheated. Ah, modern technology--nothing in my house works without electricity. I contemplated heating the oatmeal over a Yankee Candle--apple pie flavor of course to match the oatmeal.

We managed to do our school work without the power, and even got to get in a reading of "Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion". Michael enjoyed it and Meg could have cared less. I have given in to scribing for Michael during Math since he is so interested and advanced in that subject. I had to decide between forcing the handwriting and stopping the pace he was learning Math at, or scribe for him so we can keep the Math at his appropriate level. We will continue to work on the handwriting through his daily journal (which is comprised of daily half-finished sentences). He is completely frustrated by the fact that Meg can write better than he can. According to him, since she is about to turn four, she really shouldnt be able to do anything in the realm of his 5 year old world--let alone better than him.


laura on September 16, 2008 at 10:12 PM said...

I love rainy days, too! See you at Shove Park some time :)

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