Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Its Time for Change

Over the past few days I have noticed subtle but apparent signs that Fall--or really Winter, is looming just over the horizon. I see the bales of hay being placed on the pasture, the leaves in the trees are already taking on hues of firey red and orange, and the wind seems to be blowing somewhat more blustery out of the northeast. Wlamart has closed its bay doors where the carts are stored which have been open all sumer. I think the cold is near and while I look forward to crisp white snow covered landscapes, I will miss walking outside in shorts and a tee shirt.
The angle of the sun in the afternoon has changed drastically. It sets now behind the large trees in the backyard proving the sun has shifted and we begin to venture into autumn.

I think though that despite swimming and being able to run somewhat naked outdoors, the kids are ready for the change. They are so excited to begin apple picking this month as well as make homemade applesauce and cider. I look forward to making wax paper leaf prints and wearing sweatshirts. I will miss all the gardening I did this year but will have plenty of time to daydream about next years garden.

The sun has set, a full hour and a half earlier than it did two months ago. While I do love the nights were it is light out longer, I notice that the kids are in tune with the sun setting as they seem to begin to wind down from the day as it begins to set. By total darkness, both are asleep or teetering on the edge of sleep. Bedtime will only become easier over the next few months--an added treat this fall.


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