Sunday, September 14, 2008

Out of Gas

Meagan is much like the balloons that litter my floors today: deflated and out of gas. She has spent the past 24 hours on both a sugar and affection high with friends and family ready to give in to her every whim. After all, you only turn four once. I knew it was coming today-the meltdown. I was not prepared though for the sheer magnitude of it. After our guests left and the house was quite, no longer resembling a bed and breakfast, it happened. I tried accepting it, dealing with it, embracing it; until I finally just had to start ignoring it after about three hours of crying, sobbing, whinning, and demanding things. No sooner did I turn my ears and off she deflated. She is just another one of the other sticky spills I will need to clean up tonight.


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